How is Pure Water window cleaning different?

Pure Water window cleaning does not rely on soaps to break up the dirt on your windows. Pure Water, which has a total-dissolved-solids (TDS) reading of zero is created on-site and used to dissolve and rinse away the dirt on your windows and frames.

Cleaning windows using a water-fed pole.

Pure Water is aggressive when it comes to removing dirt because it chemically seeks out dirt to bond with so it can return to it’s naturally dirty state. And, it is environmentally friendly!

 Uses a de-ionizing filtration system to purify the water from your home or business which is then pumped through a Water-Fed-Pole to the brush. The operator then scrubs the windows and frames to agitate the dirt with the brush. The dirt that was on the window is chemically bonded to the pure water and rinsed away.

You will notice that the windows are not squeegeed after being cleaned and although you will see water drops on the glass outside, they will dry spotless.

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Post time: Jan-17-2022