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  • What’s the Difference between Carbon Fiber and Hybrid Water Fed Poles?

    There are four important differences : Flex. The hybrid pole is much less rigid (or “floppier”) than the carbon fiber pole. The less rigid a pole is, the more difficult they are to handle and the more cumbersome to use. Weight. Carbon fiber poles weigh less than hybrid poles. Maneuver...
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  • What Are the Benefits of Water Fed Pole Cleaning?

    Safer One of the biggest benefits of using a WFP is that you can clean tall windows safely from the ground. Easier to Learn and Use Traditional window cleaning with a mop and squeegee is an art form, and one that a lot of companies shy away from. With WFP cleaning, companies that already offer o...
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  • What are the parts of a Water Fed Pole?

    What are the parts of a Water Fed Pole?

    Here are the key components of a water-fed pole: The Pole: The water-fed pole is just what it sounds like: a pole that is used to reach the windows from the ground. Poles come in a variety of materials and lengths and can reach varying heights depending on how they are designed. The Hose: The hos...
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  • How is Pure Water window cleaning different?

    How is Pure Water window cleaning different?

    Pure Water window cleaning does not rely on soaps to break up the dirt on your windows. Pure Water, which has a total-dissolved-solids (TDS) reading of zero is created on-site and used to dissolve and rinse away the dirt on your windows and frames. Cleaning windows using a water-fed pole. Pure Wa...
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  • For water fed pole, how is this better than cleaning with soap and a squeegee?

    For water fed pole, how is this better than cleaning with soap and a squeegee?

    Any cleaning done with soap leaves a small amount of residue on the glass and even though it may not be visible to the naked eye, it will provide dirt and dust a surface to stick to. The lanbao carbon fiber window cleaning pole allows us to clean all of the exterior frames in addition to the glas...
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  • What does 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K mean in carbon fiber industry?

    Carbon fiber filament is very thin, thinner than people’s hair. So it is hard to make the carbon fiber product by per filament. The carbon fiber filament manufacturer produce the tow by bundle. The “K” means “Thousand”. 1K means 1000 filaments in one bundle, 3K means 3000 filaments in one bundle...
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  • Carbon Fiber VS. Fiberglass Tubing: Which Is Better?

    Carbon Fiber VS. Fiberglass Tubing: Which Is Better?

    Do you know the difference between carbon fiber and fiberglass? And do you know whether one is better than the other? Fiberglass is definitely the older of the two materials. Its Created by melting glass and extruding it under high pressure, then combining the resulting strands of material with a...
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  • Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum

    Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum

    Carbon fiber is replacing aluminum in an increasing variety of applications and has been doing so for the last few decades. These fibers are known for their exceptional strength and rigidity and are also extremely lightweight. Carbon fiber strands are combined with various resins to create compos...
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  • What is Carbon Fiber Tubes Used For?

    Carbon fiber tubes Tubular structures are useful for a wide array of applications. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the unique properties of carbon fiber tubes place them in high demand in many industries. More and more often these days, carbon fiber tubes replace steel, titanium, or...
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  • Carbon Fibre water fed poles perfect for today’s professional window cleaner

    Today’s professional window washer and cleaner has technology available to them that is years ahead of technology from just a decade ago. The newest technologies use carbon fibre for the water fed poles, and this has made the job of a window cleaner not only easier but safer. Water Fed Poles are ...
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