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  • Three Main Benefits for the Window Cleaner

    Three Main Benefits for the Window Cleaner

    Waterfed Poles help professional Window Cleaners make quick work of most glass surfaces. Safety Water fed poles allow window cleaners to safely clean exterior windows at heights up to 5 stories. Potential accidents are an inconvenience for your customer. The elimination of ladders and scaffolding...
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  • China’s textile economy information in 2022

    China’s textile economy information in 2022

    In the first half of 2022, unexpected and unexpected factors such as the rebound of the domestic new crown epidemic and international geopolitical conflicts will have an impact on my country's economic operation, and the development will face constant risks and challenge...
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  • Window cleaning history

    Window cleaning history

    As long as there have been windows, there has been a need for window cleaning. The history of window cleaning goes hand in hand with the history of glass. While nobody knows for certain when or where glass was first made, it likely dates back as far as the 2nd millennium BC in ancient Egypt or Me...
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  • What equipment does a window cleaner need?

    Window cleaning is not an ordinary task anymore. It really is reserved for professionals who have the right tools and equipment to clean any window. Whether you want to clean the windows of your own home or to open a window cleaning service, it is essential to know the essential products and equi...
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