Carbon Fibre water fed poles perfect for today’s professional window cleaner

Today’s professional window washer and cleaner has technology available to them that is years ahead of technology from just a decade ago. The newest technologies use carbon fibre for the water fed poles, and this has made the job of a window cleaner not only easier but safer.

Water Fed Poles are the newest and premiere water fed pole company. These carbon fibre poles are stronger, lighter, and safer for the technician and the customer in several different ways.

Previous water fed poles used aluminum and glass fibre. These poles were heavy, cumbersome and even dangerous when high pressure water runs through the pole when window cleaning. Accidents ranging from injuries to the technicians to windows breaking because of the heavy poles striking the windows are all too common and have all but been resolved with the introduction of carbon fibre to the water fed pole industry.

The technology behind the carbon fibre produces a pole that is as strong as steel but lighter by a considerable margin. The decreased weight means less fatigue on the technician, meaning better quality, safer and even increased productivity with cleaning windows.

Water Fed Poles sizes ranging from 15 ft. to 72 ft. All of the Pure Gleam water fed poles use the same accessories, so there is no need to buy different accessories for different lengths. All pole sections join quickly and easily with no special tools. Watertight, the sections hold their pressure no matter how many different sizes are linked.

Post time: Jun-24-2021