Different material of Water Fed Poles

Fiberglass poles are lightweight, and inexpensive, but can be flexible at full extension. Generally, these poles are limited to 25ft, as above this the flexibility makes them difficult to work with. These poles are perfect for somebody looking for an inexpensive pole, but also not wanting the weight associated with Aluminium poles.

Hybrid poles are a mix of materials, generally with 50% being carbon fibre. They are designed to offer some of the benefits of a full carbon fibre pole but without the cost. Hybrid poles are more sturdy than glass fibre, but not so strong and rigid as a carbon fibre pole.

Generally, they are heavier than carbon fibre but lighter than glass fibre and are priced between the two also. Hybrids are our best selling ‘every-day’ pole. Perfect for cleaning domestic properties and suitable up to 30ft, 35ft above this, they become a little flexible.
Carbon Fibre is the gold standard of telescopic pole, they are equal parts robust, rigid & lightweight. The average price point is higher than the aforementioned poles, but once you’ve used a carbon fibre pole, you’ll struggle to go back. Carbon fibre is recommended for use up to 50ft, and is especially important if you are using the pole all day, every day.

Post time: Dec-27-2021