4 Segments 3K Fiberglass Telescopic Carbon Fibre Poles

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The Telescoping Fiberglass Pole Lightweight: 80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminum.
High strength - easier to transport and install using standard tools
The Telescoping Fiberglass Pole outside layer is protected by a UV inhibitor finish.
The fiberglass Fiberglass Pole Special strength: reduce damage caused by accidental collisions

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Light weight Boom pole

Excellent strength to weight Printer’s pole

Low coefficient of friction Camera tripods, monopods, Telescoping Camera pole Jib Arm

Excellent dimensional stability Retractable Handles for many tools

Low thermal conductivity Telescopic prism poles/GPS pole

Low long-term maintenance costs Riggers includes center rigger and outrigger

Many others

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Why Choose Us

Engineer team with 15 years carbon fiber industry experience

Factory with 12 years history

High quality carbon fiber fabric from Japan/US/Korea

Strict in-house quality checking, the third party quality checking also available if requested

All the processes are strictly going according ISO 9001

Fast delivery, short lead time

All carbon fiber tubes with 1 year warranty

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Product name Fibergalsss Tube
Material Glass fiber rolling resins
Surface Smooth, Matte finish, High gloss finish
Diameter 12.7mm 15mm 16mm 19mm 20mm 22mm 25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 35mm 38mm 45mm 51mm 63mm 76mm 89mm 100mm;
  0.75'' 1'' 1.125'' 1.180'' 1.250'' 1.50'' 2'' 2.5'' 3'' 3.5'' 4 '' and custom.
Length from 300mm to 7000mm and custom.
Color red, black, white, yellow, blue, green, white, gray and custom.
Surface treatment smooth, matte finish, high gloss finish
Application 1. Electrical and electronic markets
  2. Cable tray, radome, insulation ladder, etc.
  3. Chemical anti-corrosion market
  4. Grating floor, handrail, work platform, underground pressure pipe, stairs, etc.
  5. Building construction market
  6. Window frame, window sash and its components, etc.
  7. Lampposts, water treatment, brackets against huge industrial cooling towers, etc.
Advantage Durable
  Light weight and high strength
  Corrosion resistant and anti-aging
  Heat and sound isulation High Mechanical Strength
  Low density and high Straight
  Dimensional stability
  Impact resistance UV Resistant flame Resistant
  Abrasion and Impact Resistance
Services CNC cutting according to your CAD drawing
  Print according to AI file


Product knowledge

Glass fiber pole is a kind of composite material with glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as reinforcement material and synthetic resin as matrix material. The concept of composite material refers to a material can not meet the requirements of use, need to be composed of two or more than two kinds of materials together, the composition of another can meet the requirements of the material, that is, composite material. Single glass fiber, although the strength is very high, but between the fibers is loose, can only bear the tension, can not bear bending, shear and compressive stress, but also not easy to make a fixed geometry, is soft body. If you glue them together with synthetic resins, you can make all kinds of rigid products with fixed shapes that can withstand tensile stresses,

It can also bear bending, compression and shear stress. This constitutes a glass fiber reinforced plastic matrix composite.


Window cleaning pole
Solar panel cleaning
Fruit picking pole

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