Carbon fiber tube with different lengths, length can be customized

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Carbon fiber tube, Low density, only 20% of steel. In the production process can also be packaged 3K surface packaging beautification and so on.
Carbon fiber tube composite has a great advantage in high strength & lightweight, 3k, 12k, and black matt, glossy all is ok.
High strength, high modulus, good durability

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Carbon fiber tube composite has great advantage in high strength & light weight.
The length, we have 1m~3m, but we can customize the products according to your request.
Carbon fiber pipe are widely used as the basic material for Light Aircraft Tubing, aerospace, defence, leisure, automotive ptubeucts, industry and the medical sector as well as other applications includes building construction repair and strengthening.

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Carbon fiber tubes have incredible linear strength due to the orientation of the carbon fibers and are used in a variety of applications.(Compared to conventional structural metals (such as steel ,aluminum and stainless steel) ,carbon fiber tubes deliver excellent tensile strength characteristics .Besides exhibiting outstanding strength ,our composite carbon fiber tube is durable ,lightweight and extremely rigid.

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Why Choose Us

*Extensive experiences for more than 12 years
* ISO9001
* Professional manufacturer
* Quality materials
* Expert and hard-working workers
* Strict quality control
* High quality is guaranteed
* Reasonable price


1.Engineer team with 15 years carbon fiber industry experience
2.Factory with 12 years history
3.High quality carbon fiber fabric from Japan/US/Korea
4.Strict in-house quality checking, the third party quality checking also available if requested
5.All the processes are strictly going according ISO 9001
6.Fast delivery, short lead time
7.All carbon fiber tubes with 1 year warranty


Name Carbon Fiber Round Tube/Square Carbon Fiber Tube
Feature 1. Made of high modulus 100% carbon fiber imported from Japan with epoxy resin
  2. Great replacement for the low-grade aluminum wing tubes
  3. Weights only 1/5 of steel and 5 times stronger than steel
  4. Low Coefficiency Of Thermal Expansion, High-Temperature Resistance
  5. Good Tenacity, Good Toughness, Low Coefficiency Of Thermal Expansion
Specification Pattern Twill, Plain
  Surface Glossy, Matte
  Line 3K Or 1K,1.5K, 6K
  Color Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Bue, Gree(Or With Color Silk)
  Material Japan Toray Carbon Fiber Fabric+Resin
  Carbon Content 68%
Size Type ID Wall thickness Length
  Round Tube 6-60 mm 0.5,0.75,1/1.5,2,3,4 mm 1000,1200,1500 mm
  Square Tube 8-38 mm 2,3 mm 500,600,780 mm
Application 1. Aerospace, Helicopters Model Drone, UAV, FPV, RC Model Parts
  2. Manufacture Fixtures And Tooling, Industrial Automation
  3. Sports Equipment, Musical Instruments, Medical Device
  4. Building Construction Repair And Strengthening
  5. Car Interior Decoration Parts, Art Products
  6. Others
Packing 3 layers of protective packaging: plastic film, bubble wrap, carton
  (Normal size: 0.1 * 0.1 * 1 meter(width*height*length)


Carbon fiber tube with high strength, long life, corrosion resistance, light weight, low density and other advantages, widely used in kites, model aircraft, lamp support, PC equipment rotating shaft, etching machine, medical equipment, sports equipment and other mechanical equipment. Dimensional stability, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, small coefficient of thermal expansion, self-lubrication, energy absorption and earthquake resistance and a series of excellent performance. It has high specific mold, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and so on.

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