What equipment does a window cleaner need?

Window cleaning is not an ordinary task anymore. It really is reserved for professionals who have the right tools and equipment to clean any window. Whether you want to clean the windows of your own home or to open a window cleaning service, it is essential to know the essential products and equipment that you will require to make the windows shine and sparkle. Window cleaning is not an easy task because the windows are exposed to dust and dirt throughout the day. However, you must apprehend that dirty windows make a house look more dinghy. This is one of the main reasons why there is such a growing demand for window cleaners. So what is the right equipment for all non-professional cleaners to effectively clean your windows? There is no easy answer to this, as different types may require various equipment and care. Are you confused about the window cleaning equipment you need to get started?

A squeegee is used to dry your window for a scratch-free, crystal finish. Rubber is the most important part of your squeegee. You want to maintain your squeegee blade sharp and keep it free from any cracks and nicks. The handles can be purchased separately from the rubber and channel and you want to make sure you have a swivel handle if you’re going to work at heights.

Wash T-bar
A washer is a tool you use to apply the chemical to the window. They are available in all different makes and sizes and you can buy sleeves and T-bars separately. Some sleeves have abrasive pads, some are general cotton and some are microfiber.

Your scraper is used to remove debris that has accumulated in the window, such as bird droppings or mud. The scraper has a very sharp razor blade that runs the length of the window and goes through what needs to be removed.

If the razor is flat-lying on the window, you won’t rub the glass. Utilizing a window scraper is vital for professional results because the dirt on the glass will nick you create streaks and squeegee rubber.

It may sound obvious, but you require a bucket for your window cleaning solution. You should also make sure that you have a bucket long enough for your washer. If you have a 50 cm washer but only a 40 cm bucket, this will not work.

Finally, you will require detergents to make your windows sparkle. Consult the installer about the best brands to use. Otherwise, you should check the list of ingredients to determine which products will be effective in cleaning your windows most effectively without damaging the glasses.

It is extremely important to reach the required height with a ladder, scaffolding, belt or other devices to ensure safety and effectiveness. Window cleaning can be a simple and effective process when appropriately done.

Extension or Waterfed Pole
If working in height, an extension pole is a piece of essential equipment. In general, it is recommended to buy a pole a little longer than you think you will need because stretching it to the maximum length, you will lose some of your rigidity and strength. All squeegee handles and window cleaners are intended to be connected to an extension pole.

If you are looking for the easiest way to clean windows, then consider using a water fed pole and brush. If you are unfamiliar with a waterfed pole, then let me explain it to you. It is basically a pole that can reach really high with a brush at the end of it. Pure water (water with no dirt or impurities in it) runs in a small tube to the top where the brush is. The cleaner will use the brush to agitate the dirt on the glass, and then simply rinse off the glass.

This method will leave the window looking amazing. There will not be any streaks or squeegee marks left behind. The window frames typically look great too! This type of window cleaning requires little skill, and most people can figure it out rather fast.

Post time: Jun-24-2021