10m 3k High Modulus carbon fiber mast pole telescopic High Pressure

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Easy to carry, easy to stock, easy to use, we can also customize the length according to the different requirements of customers
These poles slide easily and could be locked at any length, which are ideal for any application where compact storage and long extension length are necessary. These 25ft poles are easy to operate and carry. They can be extended to maximum length in few minutes by pulling out and locking each telescoping section

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Less than half the weight of aluminum tubing and at least twice as stiff

Much lighter and stiffer than steel but not as strong

Lighter and stiffer and stronger than Titanium

Standard: ISO9001

All other different lengths are available as requested

10m 3k High (8)
10m 3k High (9)
10m 3k High (10)

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Jingsheng Carbon Fiber Products has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of carbon fiber products for cross-industry applications.The production technology has obtained IOS9001 certification. We have 6 production lines and can produce 2000 pieces of carbon fiber tubes every day. Most of the processes are completed by machines to ensure efficiency and meet the delivery time required by customers. Jingsheng Carbon Fiber has been committed to creating an innovative industry integrating technological innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation.

10m 3k High (1)
10m 3k High (3)
10m 3k High (2)
10m 3k High (4)


Product name Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole(Cleaning pole)
Material 100% fiberglass,50% carbon fiber, 100% carbon fiber or high modulus carbon fiber( can be customized)
Surface Glossy, matte, smooth or color painting
Color Red, Black, White, Yellow or Custom
Extend length 15ft-72ft or Custom
Size Custom
Application Infrastructure construction and building materials, electronics, communication equipment, sports equipment and so on.
Advantage 1. Easy to carry, easy to stock, easy to use
2. High stiffness, low weight
3. Wear Resistance
4. Ageing resistance, corrosion resistance
5. Thermal Conductivity
6. Standard: ISO9001
7. Different lengths are available custom.
Accessories Clamps available, angle adapter, aluminum/plastic thread parts, goosenecks with different sizes, brush with different sizes, hoses, water valves
Our clamps patent product. Made of nylon and horizontal lever. It will be very strong and easy to adjust.
Our product Carbon fiber tube,carbon fiber plate,carbon fiber profiles


Product knowledge

The high pressure cleaning pole is a machine that makes the high pressure water produced by the high pressure plunger pump to wash the surface of the object through the power device. It can peel off the dirt, wash away, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Because it is the use of high-pressure water column to clean dirt, high-pressure cleaning is also one of the world recognized as the most scientific, economic and environmentally friendly cleaning methods.


High pressure washing pole can be connected to high pressure strong cleaning machine.
*Turn on the water and you can easily blow away the dust and debris.
*Easy to remove dirt and mold from outdoor surfaces.
*Clean salt water on ships, at sea and associated equipment.
*Remove weeds and debris from sidewalks, driveways, etc.
*Remove stubborn accumulations.
*Water the flowers and garden.
*Hundreds more!

10 Meters Epoxy (5)
10 Meters Epoxy (6)
10 Meters Epoxy (7)















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